Bean to Bar… to Mouth

13 Apr

BB_BtoBSoloWe don’t make“bean to bar” chocolate at our new bakery in Costa Mesa at The CAMP, but we have found over a dozen amazing artisans who do. We gladly bring them to you.  Starting from the cacao bean and ending up with incredible bars, your mouth will notice the difference!

Here’s a little background: The U.S. microbatch movement launched in 2005, when U.S. microbatch pineer Steve DeVries opened his doors. Others joined in, and ever since, chocolatiers in the U.S. have been making extremely fine chocolate on a much smaller scale (“microbatches”)…  Sometimes with only themselves, or sometimes with a partner and possibly a tiny staff, these chocolatiers travel abroad to source the finest cacao they can buy, often from small farmers, and ship it home, where they clean, roast, winnow, grind, refine, conch, temper, mold, package and market the chocolate. As small start-ups, they start small, some with bars from two different origins, or perhaps two different percentages of cacao from the same origin.

At Blackmarket Bakery, you will find bars – both simple and gussied up with extras like coconut, salt & pepper, black truffles and smoked vanilla – from the variety of American manufacturers listed here.  We sincerely hope that you dabble in our collection, find what you crave and support these artisans…

chocolate_bar_tcho_collectionTcho – San Francisco, CA – 58g Bars, Choc-covered Cashews & Nibs

taza logo knocked out_brown&whiteTaza – Somerville, MA – Stone-ground Discs & Bars

SnakeButterflyBenjamin62BarWebSnake & Butterfly – Campbell, CA – Bars

RogueImageRogue – Three Rivers, MA – 70% Sambirano and 70% Hispaniola

Patric-Chocolate-MultiBarsPatric – Columbia, MO – In-NIB-itable Bar & Signature Dark Milk Bar

oliveNsinclairOlive & Sinclair – Nashville, TN – Salt & Pepper, Buttermilk, Coffee Bars

mast bros 2Mast Brothers – Brooklyn, NY – Smoked Vanilla, Almonds, Black Truffle & Nib Bars

manabars-952x372Mana – Portland, OR – 74% Peru & 74% Dominican Republic

shapeimage_8Madre – Honolulu, HI –

fruition chocoFruition – Shokan, NY – Rustic Crunch, Dark Milk, Classic Milk, 66% Dark

dicktaylorDick Taylor, CA – Fleur de Sel, Fig, Sea Salt

DandelionBeansDandelion, CA – Madagascar & Venezuela

Cacao-Prieto-LogoCacao Prieto, NY – Almond/Salt, Hazelnut/Raisin, Cashew/Cranberry, Pistachio/Apricot

1280699409_productdesc_image_file_askinosieAskinosie, MO – 10 Different Bars


Breakfast and Pastry Catering

1 Apr


Blackmarket Bakery at The CAMP

27 Mar

All of the sawdust has been swept away, replaced by flour and sugar, as our new location at The CAMP in Costa Mesa is built out and functioning. Find us at 2937 Bristol Street, Suite D-100A, in the former Cyclewerks shop.

Hours are M – Th | 6:30a – 7p
Fri – Sat | 6:30a – 9p
Sun | 8a – 6p
Look for extended hours as the weather warms up and we build out our outdoor seating area.

PBGrinderS BHSeededSourdoughColorCocoHaystack  BHSandwichSmlBHMuffins CoffeeSconeBHCroissants  BHShirtsNBoxes


The People Will Have Bread

23 Oct

Hiring Event for Blackmarket Bakery’s Campsite

9 Oct

Pencil us in on your calendar for Thursday, November 1st, from 2 – 4 pm for our Job Fair to find new Blackmarketeers for our “soon to open” retail location at The Camp in Costa Mesa. Stop by, meet the crew, turn in or fill out an application and be interviewed at our current location – 17941 Sky Park Circle, Suite E, Irvine, CA 92614. Here’s a link to our application:

And feel free to call with questions.
In the meantime, learn about us here:

Live Long, Eat Cake (& Bread)
Chef Rachel & the Blackmarketeers

A Brave New World

18 Sep

Lots of changes and updates are taking place in the world of Blackmarket. But increasing production and adding a location means that we need more Blackmarketeers…. if you’re interested, please click on the link here to get to our pdf application.

Fill it out, get it to us and we’ll see what develops. May the butter be with you!

Blackmarket Bakery Application_092012

Getting on the Cake Train

31 Mar

So hopefully by now you have all heard something about our new Cake Vibe.  In a nutshell, the happy ninjas at the bakery gladly bake, fill and frost cakes.  No problem!  We have simplified our sizes to increase efficiency.  What we really did change was our approach to cake decorating.

If you saw our website 6 months ago, you would have found hundreds of pictures of elaborately decorated cakes, sculpted into all sorts of outrageous shapes, or topsy turvy or sheet cakes, bedecked with colored fondant.  After much soul-searching and research, we gave all of that up.  We like to make (& eat) delicious cake and silky smooth – not too sweet – buttercream.  And that’s what cake should be about.

The newly emerging research about the negative effects of artificial food color only justifies our new approach.  We’re actively pursuing alternatives to the fake colors, and having limited success.  The quest continues…  In the meantime, I wanted to give everyone an update.

  1. Taking cake orders is much simpler, efficient and enjoyable than before.  We have lots of decorations “in house” that people can choose from.  But the sky isn’t the limit anymore.  Having the structure and lower cost of the 2 and 3 tier cakes seems to encourage people to keep it simple.
  2. For customers who want a cake shaped like a boat, or topped with a sculpted Minnie Mouse, we recommend that they contact Christopher Garran’s Let Them Eat Cake or Cinderella Cakes.   We’re not telling them to shove off, just trying to direct them toward a business that specializes in the level of elaborate design that they’re seeking.
  3. Weekends are more family friendly.  Plus, I get to attend the Irvine Farmers Market and chat with our customers, which is always good.
  4. We don’t have to order buckets of fondant and jars of artificial food coloring.  Hooray!
  5. People who order the cakes now seem to appreciate the cake for its flavor, texture and all natural ingredients.  I handed out samples of cake and buttercream at an event at NapaStyle (Costa Mesa) last Thursday, and received an overwhelmingly positive response.  Viva la Cake!
  6. Customers can opt for a simple buttercream cake to personalize themselves.  Although some customers seem to feel intimidated by the options, other embrace the creativity.  Hopefully that will expand over time.
  7. The percentage of our earnings from cake has gone down (as the new cakes are less expensive) but we’re expanding our wholesale business – including having tarts, savory strata, bars, etc at Keán Coffee.

So, that’s the story from my perspective.   Please let us know your impressions and feedback.

Cake On!