Bean to Bar… to Mouth

13 Apr

BB_BtoBSoloWe don’t make“bean to bar” chocolate at our new bakery in Costa Mesa at The CAMP, but we have found over a dozen amazing artisans who do. We gladly bring them to you.  Starting from the cacao bean and ending up with incredible bars, your mouth will notice the difference!

Here’s a little background: The U.S. microbatch movement launched in 2005, when U.S. microbatch pineer Steve DeVries opened his doors. Others joined in, and ever since, chocolatiers in the U.S. have been making extremely fine chocolate on a much smaller scale (“microbatches”)…  Sometimes with only themselves, or sometimes with a partner and possibly a tiny staff, these chocolatiers travel abroad to source the finest cacao they can buy, often from small farmers, and ship it home, where they clean, roast, winnow, grind, refine, conch, temper, mold, package and market the chocolate. As small start-ups, they start small, some with bars from two different origins, or perhaps two different percentages of cacao from the same origin.

At Blackmarket Bakery, you will find bars – both simple and gussied up with extras like coconut, salt & pepper, black truffles and smoked vanilla – from the variety of American manufacturers listed here.  We sincerely hope that you dabble in our collection, find what you crave and support these artisans…

chocolate_bar_tcho_collectionTcho – San Francisco, CA – 58g Bars, Choc-covered Cashews & Nibs

taza logo knocked out_brown&whiteTaza – Somerville, MA – Stone-ground Discs & Bars

SnakeButterflyBenjamin62BarWebSnake & Butterfly – Campbell, CA – Bars

RogueImageRogue – Three Rivers, MA – 70% Sambirano and 70% Hispaniola

Patric-Chocolate-MultiBarsPatric – Columbia, MO – In-NIB-itable Bar & Signature Dark Milk Bar

oliveNsinclairOlive & Sinclair – Nashville, TN – Salt & Pepper, Buttermilk, Coffee Bars

mast bros 2Mast Brothers – Brooklyn, NY – Smoked Vanilla, Almonds, Black Truffle & Nib Bars

manabars-952x372Mana – Portland, OR – 74% Peru & 74% Dominican Republic

shapeimage_8Madre – Honolulu, HI –

fruition chocoFruition – Shokan, NY – Rustic Crunch, Dark Milk, Classic Milk, 66% Dark

dicktaylorDick Taylor, CA – Fleur de Sel, Fig, Sea Salt

DandelionBeansDandelion, CA – Madagascar & Venezuela

Cacao-Prieto-LogoCacao Prieto, NY – Almond/Salt, Hazelnut/Raisin, Cashew/Cranberry, Pistachio/Apricot

1280699409_productdesc_image_file_askinosieAskinosie, MO – 10 Different Bars


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