Cake Blog Round-Up

11 Mar

Several weeks ago, I invited an illustrious group of So Cal food bloggers to the bakery to test our new Cake Format and Concept.  Each team was given a two-tiered cake – our standard size now – and an assortment of decorating options – from fondant to chocolate shavings, from buttercream in piping bags to sugar flowers.  My insidious goal was to see what they would come up with, how easy or difficult a time they would have adding decor to the cake.  They asked questions, requested decor items that I didn’t have, pushed aside options that I thought would be popular and, overall, shared their feedback generously.  Here is an encapsulation of their posts.  Thanks for playing the part of cake “guinea pigs” for an evening!!

Shelly, from Nibbles of Tidbits

Quyen, from Kitchen Runway

Todd, from Ruth & Todd

Anne, from Orange Coast Magazine

Priscilla, from She’s Cookin’

Josie, from Daydreamer Desserts

Here’s a compilation of some of their alluring images from the night…


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