Get Ready for Cake-dependence Day

30 Dec

First, let me start out by saying, emphatically, that we love cake here at Blackmarket Bakery.  Really.  We like making cake, eating cake, teaching people how to make cake, assembling cake and all the other fun stuff along those lines.  What I’m going to say next may be shocking, so get ready.

We want our customers to decorate their own cakes.

We will teach you.  We will be stocked with sugar flowers, fondant, food colors, piping bags, chocolate shavings, sanding sugars & all manner of wacky edible goodies for YOU to put on your cakes.  But, we won’t be decorating the cake, you will.  And, we hope, it will be more affordable and more fun for you.

The hardest part of cake decorating – other than coming up with a good idea – is all the preliminary work to get the cake ready.  That involves baking, making buttercream, assembling, crumb coating and ending up with a smooth, pristine final buttercream coat.  That’s the part that we will take care of.  When you order a cake starting in January, you will get a blank canvas, ready for whatever you want.  In addition, we’ll have online cake ordering set up, to make it that much easier.

That’s why we say… cake of the people, by the people and for the people.

Are you ready?


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