Living the Fantasy, Blogger Style.

1 Oct

If you are like me, you read all the fabulous food blogs with fascinating, witty descriptions and ultra professional food porn and you drool. And feel jealous of the seemingly effortless talent behind it. The people behind these blogs seem able to put everything together at the drop of a whisk – meanwhile carrying on their own full lives complete with kids, jobs, and all the other commitments that we all take on.


Our Intrepid Team


It seems to me that blogging is basically DIY photo-journalism, without the big budgets & interns, but still admirable all the same. So, imagine my delight when I actually participated in a food blogger event and got to experience the moment unfolding firsthand. And then to actually see what these incredible journalists produced, based on our shared event, was so fun for me… like being behind the scenes on set during the play and then seeing the play from the point of view of the audience.

So, I have a great group of people to thank for bringing these writers to my kitchen, to dabble in our new Cabernet Wine Flour products. Marla, the creator behind Family Fresh Cooking, pitched the idea to me months ago – and before I knew it, we were planning this Blogger event!


Me & Marla


I met Marla first as a customer at the bakery and then later as an attendee and then even later as a helper at some of our baking classes. We hadn’t seen much of her since she started her Blog empire, so first, I was glad to catch up with her and, secondly, I knew that she was the best person to organize this event as she does an amazing job with everything! She brought Chef Louise on board as the guru of Savory and we’re so glad to have connected with her and received her invaluable support, suggestions and recipe testing.

So many of our bloggers have already done such a phenomenal job summing up our experimentation, highlighting certain recipes and techniques, that I can’t hold a candle to all of their efforts.  I just so appreciate how they embraced the concept of the Wine Flour and made it their own “con gusto”.  All I want to do here is list all of their blogs and send them all huge “thank you’s” for their creativity, sense of adventure and impressive documentation!

We will have to do this again!  Please click on the links below to see each attendees blog…

Anne Valdespino (Orange Coast)

Chef Louise Mellor (Satisfied)

Chef Renee (Fresh Ideas)

Ciaran Blumenfeld (Momfluential)

Julia (Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body)

Kim (Rustic Garden Bistro)

Marla Meredith (Family Fresh Cooking)

Priscilla Ann Willis (She’s Cookin’)

Quyen Gin (Kitchen Runway)

… alphabetical by First Name

<Just updated the link to Chef Renee’s blog…. So sorry about the mix up!>

2 Responses to “Living the Fantasy, Blogger Style.”

  1. marla {Family Fresh Cooking} October 1, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    Rachel, thanks so much for having us! Yes, anytime you want to do this again I am sure we will all show up with smiles and whisks in hand 🙂 xxoo

  2. chef renee October 3, 2010 at 2:29 am #

    Thank you for sharing your kitchen, your time ( most precious! ) and your product. It might be a stretch to say the dribble on my blog is readable, but the other ladies are terrific! I am amazed at their work (I still type with one finger) and will be keeping in touch with everyone enjoying their posts. Renee

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