Eat Your Wine!

23 Jul

The skins and seeds of crushed grapes have traditionally been a low value byproduct of winemaking.  With the new economic realities vintners face, production, sales and marketing all have to be given a closer look.  At the same time, we live in a more ecologically aware age, and think more about how our industries and lifestyles may harm our earth.  Allowing resources to go to waste as a normal part of doing business just isn’t acceptable.

At Marché Noir, we approach these issues from a different angle.  How can we create a new “cash crop” for vintners, help the environment, and actually enrich our lives, from an epicurean point of view?  The key ingredient is creativity.

Over the last year, we’ve introduced several products containing a powder made of the dried skins from cabernet production.  These include our Cabernet Brownies, our Wine Flour Pasta, including Penne, Rotini and Fettuccine.  Our goal is more than just to build a brand.  We think that the grape skins could be a part of the post-recession economic equation for the wine industry.  What was a byproduct can now, in fact, be a valuable resource (and source of revenue) on its own.

What’s fascinating about the “wine flour” is that it adds a luscious new dimension of flavor.  The fragrance of the flour itself transports you to a chateau’s barrel room, and combined with dark chocolate, as we do in our brownies, you find yourself in Willy Wonka’s secret cellar.  “It has a beautiful dark Burgundy color, an incredible wine flavor, and a lot of health components,” chef/owner Rachel Klemek says. “Plus it acts as a preservative and gives baked goods a longer shelf life.”

And then there’s the color.  Our Pasta Caberneti is a purple-hued black.  Black “Pasta Nera” has been traditional in Italy for centuries, but in the U.S., it tends to lose its allure when people realize that Pasta Nera is made with squid ink.  Nothing against our tentacled friends, but there’s just something a little more enchanting when this dramatic color comes from Cabernet Sauvignon.

Most amazing, however, are the health benefits.  Red wine is known to be beneficial for many reasons relating to antioxidants, Resveratrol, etc.  The grape skins have all of this and more, including iron, fiber and potassium.  It’s almost hard to believe that what feels like a Bacchanalian luxury could in fact be the new health “superfood”.

Indulge your epicuriosity with our Wine Flour products found at select gourmet stores, specialty markets,, wine shops and northern/central coast wineries.  For more info or a complete list of stores carrying Marché Noir products, contact Alison Burke, Marketing Director, Marché Noir Foods at 949-852-5122, via email at, or visit


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